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Polyurethane Moulding and Plastic Coating, Switzerland

Claude Piguet SA


No mechanical process, whether small or large, escapes the wear and tear of its parts.

When these parts exist, it is not an issue. But if they do not exist, they can be easily manufactured by Claude Piguet SA, a specialist in polyurethane moulding and machining since 1964.

Whatever the part, the first step is to manufacture the mold. Then comes the manufacture of the mixture which will define the hardness, its physical, mechanical and colour characteristics.

Pulleys, chain guides, drive rollers, drive wheels, sprockets… wherever there is wear and tear there is the possibility to recoat with a synthetic resin.

Claude Piguet SA,a family-run handicraft company where everything is entirely produced by its loyal employees.



Polyurethane makes it possible to produce tools (vice jaws) that are both resistant and respectful of delicate surfaces. The material is also interesting in the manufacture of polishing tools, adapted to the most complex shapes.


Roller bearings

Polyurethane rollers are available in all diameters for a wide range of applications.



Claude Piguet SA advises you on the production of prototypes and series according to the field of application and the requirements.

Our products

Polyurethane is one of the only plastics that the processor forms directly from monomers.
Today, polyurethanes are part of our daily lives. They provide the strength and finish needed for automotive parts, electronics, medical equipment, furniture, construction, industrial and agricultural machinery, household appliances, sports equipment, prototypes and much more.


Protective jaws

Thanks to polyurethane coating, fragile parts can be clamped without the jaws leaving marks.


Drive rollers

The increase in the physical and chemical performance of polyurethane-based products allows a considerable increase in the service life of equipment and therefore increased productivity.


Fast execution & flexibility

Our modern and efficient machine park and our large stock of raw materials allow us to be very flexible and deliver quickly.